Saturday, 14 January 2012

what i doing when i stress?

did i come to stress or did stress come to me.. aisshhh... i'm not stress.. and i'm try to fight the stress and live in the cool live.. yeah i'm TRY.. what i'm doing when i'm stress.. eat, eat and eat... then hangout with members.. and today(14/1) we go taman melawati, kl.. from melaka kott.. have an invited of wedding from classmate..then pusing2 pudu.. the MINES.. then back to melaka.. eating again.. so the conclusion is don't stress.. it's difficult to handle.. and try your best to prevent yourself from stress.. if stress try talking/chit chat with your friend.. sometimes it can help.. 

p/s: babe, 5 days more before i'm back.. miss my cat, miss my friend and miss my parent..

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