Tuesday, 10 January 2012

call flower???

aishhh... why flower is the symbol of ladies... ermmm... maybe not.. maybe yes.. different people will think different bout it.. did you think ours was calling the flower in the garden.. ala bunga dalam taman yang masih belum dipetik.. ye ke masih dibelum dipetik.. I don't know.. must asking every of them...

words of 'sempoi' was give to us la maybe.. dimana-mana sahaja kami boleh ber'candit' bagai.. hihihi.. call us gummy.. that name have the own meaning that we know the deepest meaning.. rule are nothing to us sometimes.. hahaha.. in the assembly we always talking because we are talkative.. prefect means nothing because we not afraid of them.. haha.. nakal kan.. tapi tak jahat taw.. we are SENIOR at that time.. biasa la.. our senior dulu not active like us..ha ha.. tapi kami active sangat-sangat.. ada je program then hu ha hu ha..

see what we are doing.. using the speakers like that.. ha ha.. it makes us happy and make a great memories.. bring the handphone sometimes.. then skip the spot-check.. hi hi.. come to school in the morning.. then 'merayau' satu sekolah.. turun naik tangga..  wahhh.. really miss this moment and school life.. wehh... guyss... please bring me too school la.. and lets together again then chit-chat...

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