Monday, 1 October 2012

class cancel again

Assalamualaikum wbt.

For the 4 weeks, mesti akan ada lecture yang cancel. Macam mana dengan sistem pembelajaran kali ni yang tersangat serabut. Bangun pagi-pagi memanjang dapat message mengatakan bahawa kelas cancel. Certain student yang excited hendak study mesti rasa 'down' maybe. Feel like 'what'... Again and again...*like 2pm song  ..Then bila lecturer start mengajar mesti memasing rasa loss je. And pandang kiri pandang kanan macam nak lintas jalan. Pastu bertanya, last week lecturer ajar apa ek?  Huiyoo.. I can't catch what she do at the front.  

Bbuing-bbuing.. lots of sound will be heard at the back. Student main-main and chit-chat when the lecturer taught at the front. Nakal kan student. Sometimes we can say it's normal. Certain people who can't understand what they learn in the lecture but have good pointer in the end of the final result. Then we can't say nothing. That student have an excellent memories.. 

Just pray and try to do the best. Cancel class can't say that we can make a party or what. Just call back what lecturer taught in the last class. Hopefully this semester lebih bersemangat. InsyaAllah..


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