Tuesday, 16 October 2012

anti 'library'

Assalamualaikum wbt..

minggu yang memenatkan..
no weekend.. full with schedules.. 
lot of assignment.. test.. presentation.. bla..bla..bla.. 
hey!!! what do you bubbling now?? Stop-stop..pay attention to your study.. 
Pheww.. so so meh.. 
Today I sit at the library and reading the book. 
People who was anti library.. Weird right..
It's not I'm anti study okay... I like study but not in the library... Library kind la X to me.. 
I can be so so so sleepy.. then feel booored..and so on.. 
The truly is.. my friend love library so muchhh... 
So i have to accompany her.. 
then, take the book and read.. the book was interesting but the reality is I don't love the situation in the library.. 
please help me to change my attitude.. 
book open but me play the phone.. 
something like i'm really bored..
then someone who's my friend admire (ahakksss) was there.. 
Wow.. Smile... Haha.. 
Laughing maybe....
no la.. joking .. 

my mind kind of fly like butterfly..sing the song loudly, like others can't hear us.. 

TIKTOK ....   =.=

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