Saturday, 8 September 2012

Jauh dari negeri kelahiran ku

As Salam..

"good luck for the new semester guys"

are you happy?
are you feel excited?
are you feel nervous?
are you feel comfortable with the result of last semester?

DONE !!!

if you asking me the question like that

my answer will be 50/50

not because I'm not in good mood or else..
but i don't know why for this semester i feel like so sad..
feel like some stone was put on my shoulder even this semester not start yet

will miss everything that happened hold the 'cuti' semester
will miss my family more and more..
miss my friends..
miss my cats..
miss my room..

but this is reality..
we want or not it still happen..
so i try to think positive..
this is my future..
i must fight with everything..
Hope my istiqomah will be more bless by HIM..

'Sesungguhnya bantula hamba-Mu ya Allah, kuatkanlah iman ku ya Allah, tabahkanlah hati ku ya Allah, jauhkanlah anasir jahat serta dugaan mu dari kami ya Allah'




  1. sama2 harungi semester baru ye sahabat. :)

  2. Terima kasih sahabat.. insya-Allah..