Saturday, 22 September 2012

it's making sense

me ------------------>   HEARTLESS

Just want to say.  Ya..I can be heartless for certain thing
Jangan menaruh harapan, jangan mengharap
Sometimes it's may be will make people hurt
Sometimes i'm not realize that
So please do not have hard feeling to me

I'm a different person
Lot things that I want to do in my life
Especially to my family
Don't expect that the relationship will be upgrade in short time

I just want to say NO..
I want a husband till Jannah, don't want a boyfriend till Jannah before 'halal' relationships..
Maybe I'm cruel
but this is my Principe..

I don't want my family disappointed with my attitude as their daughter.

Then if you really want that girl be 'halal' for you, why not you decide to married her.
see her family then minta izin untuk dijadikan wife.
Don't think that married life is easy to handle
there have lot of commitment

As a human we just plans, while the rest it depend on our 'usaha' and du'a


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