Tuesday, 28 August 2012

zaman comot-momot


Did you have zaman comot-momot?  Everyone have that zaman.. Did you want to know bout the zaman comot-momot..it's happened when we still in the school uniform.. When we see the picture that still using the school uniform then we will make a face.. Lot of different face maybe.. ha ha.. will see the dress up at that time.. whoa.. You will asking yourself.. It's that me???  unbelievable right.. Moreover, one of your friends upload the picture on the facebook.. Then everyone see that picture.. what your reaction.. 

For me => eerrmm... will think more then make a face.. what???  then said it's okay.. its the memories of school.. then smile more.. ha ha ..

After that we make a comparison with the latest picture.. Lot of different.. Dulu selekeh je kan.. But now depends on the eyes..


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