Thursday, 21 June 2012

feedback from the trip

As Salam,

now wonder kalau kita akan rasa sakit hati bila dapat negative feedback or some comment from others right.. its lumrah orang kata.. nothing perfect in this world. BUT we try to make it perfect on that such thing because we do not want that negative comment condemn us. Actually did you know how difficult to manage the trip even the small trip. Moreover, when a people did not give any support on that event. So sad bila ada orang lepas tangan, lepas kaki dan segala lepas la.. sometimes the feedback or comment can make us to improved our kerjasama right.. BUT sometimes the comment akan menjatuhkan orang tanpa kita sedari.. hendak komen itu tiada masalah, tapi biarlah berpada.. because you did not feel the situation that happened on that day.. the smoothly of the trip on that event kindly can be perfect if semua orang saling bantu membantu.. hope the next event will be manage well and the collaboration between us will move smoothly..


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