Tuesday, 20 November 2012

what we expect?

Assalamualaikum wbt..

*ehem ehem.. sambil membersihkan tekak..  What did we expect from our life?  Of cause our successful in life right.. me too.. I'm hoping that I can be a proud daughter to my parent who always support me in behind..  this semester is the busiest semester whereas lot of thing to do in the short time.. lot of obstruction infront of me.. In additional, when your classmate did not giving good cooperation in the task.. seriously feel tired with people who are not matured.. Then, bila orang lain bagi idea, susah sangat ke nak accept.. kenapa kita tidak respect idea orang.. kenapa tak tanya majoriti.. You know what certain people can't accept our ideas.. So, tak salah kadang-kadang kita terima pakai idea orang lain.. maybe it more better than ouselves right.. Try to be in positive, not in negative. Think as an elder and our benefit too.. Not benefit for yourself only. Consider your friends feeling.. Then, they can give full support. if you force them to accept your ideas, for sure it stuck if they not give the commitment.. Full commitment also important what.. You know that I'm always silent right.. If one word come from my mouth, I think you will hate me.. I try to control my self from talking to much.. Talking to much can make other people feel that we are very annoying.. So please please please... BEHAVE YOURSELF ...


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